[News] tokidoki Cactus Rocker and more!

Cactus Rocker from tokidoki

Today is a good day to talk about tokidoki!

Coincidentally, I received an email about the arrival of a tokidoki character the same day I received some tokidoki-themed makeup brushes. Magical, isn’t it? Just kidding; it’s more of a cute overload.

Cactus Rocker is the name of the new arrival to the “Cactus Friends” collection. He is just so damn metal. And if I had money I would buy this vinyl toy. I’m a sucker for cute-devilish things. Actually, I’m a sucker for anything tokidoki but I’ll get to that in a bit.

Damien from tokidoki

But speaking of toys, according to ToyBook.com their latest character product line, Punkstar, is also going to come out with new toys next month. These little characters are pretty badass too. Just check Damien out! He’s probably my absolutely favorite of that line.

Pittura Brush Set from the Sephora tokidoki product line.So back to my brushes. My boyfriend actually ordered these for me as a gift. The tokidoki line by Sephora is unfortunately discontinuing! Right now their products are on sale/clearance. I got a hold of the Pittura Brush Set and the Arte Palette – 24 Karat. And from what I can see, only a few things are out of stock – including the brush set.

Anyway, that’s about all I have to say about tokidoki (for now). Go forth and indulge in the metal-cuteness!

Pittura Brush Set from the Sephora-tokidoki product line.

Pittura Brush Set by Sephora-tokidoki and my boyfriend.


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